RV Parking

RV Parking is available in the DECC parking lot.

No reservations are taken or required.

First-come, first-served basis.

Questions: Contact Madonna Ohse, DECC Parking Manager
218-623-1283 or email.

RV Parking Rates
On-Site - Standard
(45 Electric Outlets-
20amp circuit 1-50
amp circuit)

Electricity - $35 per day


No Electricity - $25 per day

Duluth Kennel Club Dog Show See Information Page Below
NorthShore Inline Marathon See Information Page Below

Special Event On-Site

Grandma's Marathon & Blues Fest

See Information Pages Below

Electrical hook-ups are located in the northwest surface lot, under the skywalk, south side of the UltraScreen Theatre and east side of Pioneer Hall. The DECC does not furnish electrical extension cords.


Permits are purchased upon arrival at the DECC parking booths. Entire stay is payable upon arrival. Permits must be displayed in clear view from the front of the vehicle. The DECC is not responsible for security or liability for overnight campers. Space is not sold; it is rented for the time indicated on the permit. Vehicles or RV's parked overnight without permits or permission may be towed away at the owner's expense.

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Parking Capacity

Parking ramp and surface parking provide 1800 spaces. 

Regular Vehicle Rates
Daily Pass $5 per vehicle
Guest receives a ticket for re-entry all day. Valid until midnight.
Purchase at Parking Booth.
Monthly, Day Parking 2015 - $51 per month
6am-7pm, Monday-Saturday.  Guest receives a display pass for the calendar month.  Sold at Parking Booth Monday-Friday, 6am-10am from the last Monday of the month through the 15th of the month.  Also sold at DECC Ticket Office.  Open Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm.  Saturday - call for hours.
Group Rates for Monthly Parking
10-59 vehicles 2015 - $48
60-99 vehicles 2015 - $45
over 100 vehicles 2015 - $41
To receive a group rate, group pays with one check and distributes passes to group. Passes ready a few days before first business day of month.  Invoice sent with passes.
For groups contact Madonna at 218-623-1283.
Host Parking
Arrangements can be made in advance if a group would like to be billed for parking (host parking). Groups are billed according to number of vehicles that enter.
Overnight and Multiple Day Parking

Overnight and multiple day parking of single vehicles is allowed.

Entire stay is payable upon arrival.  $5 per space per day.

Handicap Parking
Handicap parking spaces are available on the surface parking lot near Entrance B (City Side Convention Center) and near the entrance to AMSOIL Arena.  Additional handicap spaces are available in the parking ramp on all levels.  The elevator is located in the northeast corner of the ramp.  The elevator transports guests to the ground floor or to the skywalk level (3rd level) of the ramp which connects directly to the DECC.

Guests are encouraged to drop off handicapped individuals at their event entrance and then park. There are elevators at the Paulucci Doors & Entrance B.
For Parking Questions, Please Contact:
Madonna Ohse, DECC Parking Manager
218-722-5573, extension 283 or email.