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The following prices are for the duration of the show. Includes delivery and removal.
Plain Wood Display Tables (24” Wide)
Table Style Height Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
4’ Unskirted 30" height $15.75 $20.75
  42" counter height $18.75 $23.75
6’ Unskirted 30” height $18.75 $23.75
  42” counter height $21.75 $26.75
8’ Unskirted 30” height $21.75 $26.75
  42“ counter height $24.75 $29.75
Skirted Display Tables with White Top (24” Wide)
Table Style Height Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
4’ Skirted 30” height $30.50 $40.50
  42” counter height $36.50 $46.50
6’ Skirted 30” height $36.50 $46.50
  42” counter height $42.50 $52.50
8’ Skirted  30” height $42.50 $52.50
  42” counter height $48.50 $58.50
Skirt Color (select one, based on availability)
  Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
Padded Chair $23.00 $28.00
Stool $19.00 $24.00
Easel $11.00 $16.00
Wastebasket $11.00 $16.00
Carpeting (Includes Taping at the Front Edge Only)
  Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
9’x10’ Gray $55.00 $105.00
9’x20’ Gray $105.00 $205.00
9’x30' Gray $155.00 $305.00
Additional Instructions/Notes:
Electrical Service
Standard Electrical Service
Service will be brought to the booth in the most convenient manner. Any other placement will incur labor charges.
  Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
120 Volts – Per Single Receptacle
20 amp (2200 watts) $70.00 $90.00
208 Volts Single Phase – Per Single Receptacle
40 amp maximum (2200 watts) $115.00 $135.00
Special Electrical Service (Equipment without plugs, bare wires)
This service will require additional labor and connections. All connections must be made by DECC personnel. Please call for an estimate. Service will only be installed with an advance call. Contact Building Services, Joe Tarnowski at (218) 722-5573, extension 237 for pricing information.
  Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
208 Volts – per single connection
40 amp (2200 watts) $145.00 $165.00
208 Volts 3-Phase – per single connection
50 amp maximum (18,000 watts) $165.00 $185.00
Service Accessories (Electricity Not Included)
  Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
Power strip (15 amp maximum) $45.00 $60.00
Clip on light w/75 watt bulb $50.00 $65.00

Items listed for rental only. The DECC does not have light bulbs available for sale.

Internet And Phone Service
  Advance Rate Floor Rate Quantity Total
Special Hard-Wired Internet Access
Per Device
Dedicated 1.6 mbps up/down
$150.00 $185.00
Phone Line $150.00 $200.00
Wireless Internet Available For Purchase On-Site
Wireless internet is available for purchase on-site at the DECC. Customers may access the internet by joining the DECC network. Customers pay via a secured credit card transaction.
256kbps Speed
4 hours..........$5
12 hours......$10
24 hours......$15
48 hours......$20
Various Speed
7 Day - 1mbps..........$75
7 Day - 2mbps..........$150
7 Day - 5mbps..........$300

Drayage Service/Freight Handling
Shipments to the Show
Origin of Shipment Delivery Carrier
Shipping Date Approximate Arrival Date
# of Shipments Total # of Pieces Total Weight of Shipment
Dimensions of Larger Pieces Height Width Length Weight Forklift Required Yes No

Outbound Shipments at the Close of the Show
Outbound To:


Truck Air
Street Name City State Zip

Shipper Preference

Number of Pieces
Description or Special Instructions

Please have your on-site representative leave a bill of lading on top of the outgoing shipment cartons in their respective booths. Cartons should be sealed and clearly labeled in the exhibitor’s booth. The DECC can not originate any UPS pick-ups. UPS must be called from company headquarters.

Handling Rates
Cartons up to 100 lbs.
Receiving Inbound Pounds with Delivery to the Exhibitor’s Booth # of pounds X $0.10/pound + $30 $
Outbound Pounds Removed from Exhibitor’s Booth # of pounds X $0.10/pound + $30 $
Total $

Cancellations or Changes – Items ordered and delivered to a booth, but subsequently cancelled will be charged at 25% of the above charges. Draped tables will be charged at 100% of the draping charge, but the cost of the table will not be charged.
Advance rates apply only to orders paid in full and received 5 business days prior to the first scheduled move-in day.

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